Instagram Stories May Soon Go Beyond 24 Hours

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Do you want to share what you’ve been up to last week, with your friends, on Instagram Stories? There may soon be a way to do that.

As some lucky users spotted last week, Instagram is now testing an option to give its users the ability to share on their Instagram Stories what they’ve been doing earlier than 24 hours ago. You know, like #Latergram… only for stories.

So far, users are able to share instances no older than 24 hours. These images and videos are found under the “Last 24 hours” section on their Instagram app. However, as The Next Web reports, a new “Last Week” section has appeared on the app for selected users, prompting them to share what they’ve been up to since the last week.

Sound interesting enough? This update (if it ever hits the entirety of Instagram’s user base) could be a great opportunity for brands, which usually create and curate campaign content months in advance. This feature could be even more useful, especially now that there are rumours of tests to cross-post Instagram Stories on Facebook.

Does it further compromise Instagram’s brand positioning on capturing and sharing in the spur of the moment? Of course it does, but we were supposed to be over this years ago.

Have you spotted the new feature?

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