Instagram Replies In Direct Can Now Include Images And Videos

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Instagram has just made replies a lot more fun. Users on the platform will now be able to reply with a photo or video to specific photos, videos, and re-shared posts in Direct. But that’s not all.

In July, Instagram users were given the ability to reply to Stories on the platform, with photos or videos. Now, Instagram is introducing a new way to reply to photos, videos and re-shared posts in Direct. When you reply in Direct, the reply will automatically include a sticker or the photo or video that you are replying to. All you have to do, is take a picture with your camera, and reply. Like this:

But that’s not all. You also have the option to reply with a split screen that includes the content of the sticker. Simply tap on the sticker and it is turned into one part of a split screen reply. You can draw on the sticker-turned-split-screen as well, just to make things more fun, allowing you to get more creative with your replies.

One can only assume that Instagram is targeting younger users with this new feature that will be available to all users who upgrade to version 10.34 and above of Instagram for iOS or Android.

Instagram had launched Direct in 2013 as a way for users to directly message each other, but has since made many changes to the feature, giving replies a truly creative flair.

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