Instagram Is Removing Post to Photomap Feature

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Many people love the ability to decide whether to post to photomap on Instagram – the feature that allowed anyone to see the location from which you are posting. Others didn’t. Well, whether did or not, now it’s gone. You can’t choose anymore. Instead you will see some nearby locations to post. Instagram has removed the feature from the posting flow altogether.

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Without any announcements Instagram removed “post to photomap” and it was users who had updated their Instagram apps on iOS earlier in the week who first noticed that it was gone. While you can still post with your location on the app, you will not be able to feed the location to your photomap. If you’re up for it and you’re not too happy about sharing your current location, you can also still tag images with a different location.

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If you’re unhappy about having images on your photomap you can remove them by going to the relevant section, pressing “edit” and taking the images off the map. TNW reported that although Instagram has announced that adding a location to a photo will add it automatically to the photomap, this is actually not the case. It certainly didn’t work for me either.

A spokesperson for Instagram explained the reason for the change

“On Monday we made a change to make it easier for people to add location to their photos. As part of this, we removed the option to “add to Photomap” from the flow”.

What sneaky tricks do you think Instagram has up its sleeve by doing this so quietly?

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