Instagram Could Be Better For Your Brand Than Facebook

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By now we should all know that each social network has its own niche and tone of voice, its own pros and cons. And when it comes to Facebook, the biggest drawback is the undeniable drop of organic reach, which seems to puzzle a lot of content creators. However, Instagram could come to the rescue as new studies suggest.

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We all know that Facebook could be the first and foremost destination when it comes to putting your business on the map. However yielding significant results (without ads) is a difficult task. Instagram, on the contrary, proves that it can act as a counter measure against this bitter Facebook reality.
The guys at Selfstartr have put together this insightful infographic that shows why Instagram could be your first priority when it comes to brand reach and engagement.

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Key Facts To Takeaway

  • – Since 2012 Facebook‘s organic reach dropped from 12% to 4%, while Instagram’s doubled up from 13% to 26%. What does this mean for brands? Great content and intelligent captions coupled with Instagram’s maturing process as a product have worked in favour of brands.
  • – While 32% of Facebook users why away from brands, 68% of Instagram users interact regularly with them. Instagram’s subtle nature does not leave room for aggressive ads and relentless approach. That is, until now. Given that Instagram has finally opened up access to many more advertisers, the question is: Will we see this trend shift or users will keep on following and interacting with branded content on Instagram? What’s your take?
  • – Yes, Facebook is saturated. While 93% of brands on planet Earth use the platform for their marketing endeavours, only 36% of them are active on Instagram. Get in while you still can!

You can find more info below. How will these numbers change in 2015? What do you think?


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