Instagram App On Android Now Simulates Apple’s 3D Touch

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As users use social platforms on the go, more and more these days it’s only natural that new levels of interactivity with these platforms can be achieved when the devices themselves are updated, and new features are introduced. One of these is Apple’s 3D Touch, introduced this year on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models. So, iOS users got loads of new ways to interact with their devices and apps whereas Android users did not. In the latest upgrade for Instagram on Android though, the company created a functionality that mimics 3D Touch.

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First reported by Android Police, the feature allows Android users to long press on images to preview them – or to get some other options on the app. When looking at the way that 3D Touch works, Instagram engineers realised that pressure sensitivity (which is built into the new iPhones) isn’t necessary to create an experience like it, in the app.

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Although it differs a little from Apple’s version, the experience is said to actually be very good. Of course you don’t actually get any other functions that Apple has built into the new devices – on the home screen or on other apps for example. It does however set a precedent for other Android apps to try to do the same.

Or why not also integrating it into the iOS version for older iPhones? I think this is where it all made sense to be honest. Have a look at the original Android Police video of the the functionality in action.

Image credit: Android Police

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