IKEA Just Launched The Best (And Most Boring) Preroll Ads

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In a world where everything goes too fast, IKEA surprises us with the best, yet most boring, preroll ads, inviting us (and everyone else), to recognise the power of “taking it slow.”

It is a quest many have attempted, but creating truly “unskippable” ads on YouTube isn’t an exact science. While Geico won our respect with their “brevity that lasts forever” approach, IKEA has taken the opposite route: long (very long), pointless, boring, video ads. Yet, you won’t be able to stop watching…

IKEA didn’t want to only create “unskippable” preroll ads. IKEA’s “Irresistible Pointless TrueView Ads” are actually a celebration of just how boring most people’s lives actually are.

Skipping a YouTube TrueView ad takes about five seconds. Most marketers work really hard to fit their message within these few seconds, because they know most users will skip. But with prerolls, IKEA bets on the slow TV appeal, and our natural need to understand. If you don’t understand what the ad is about, then you will watch more. And you will get more! These preroll ads are over 5 minutes long!

First, there is a moody teenager washing dishes:

And one of a young couple looking for some intimacy:

Agency: Åkestam Holst
Client: IKEA Sweden
Production company: Bacon CPH
Director: Martin Werner

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