How To Design The Perfect Instagram Ad

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Now that everyone on the planet has access to Instagram ads, it will be getting harder and harder to be noticed. Well, not everyone. Brands like Levis or Ben & Jerry’s have become experts at sharing the right photos on the platform and for generating tons of engagement, day after day, ad after ad.

So what is the secret behind the perfect Instagram ad?

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Instagram is really growing strong as a platform for brands. 53% of users follow the brands they love on Instagram, and 44% even say they use the platform to research products. And it is not negligible – 44% is more than 175 million active users! So, getting it right on Instagram has become very important for brands.

Instagram ads are, above all, ads. And as such, you need to look at them through an advertiser’s perspective. Whether you are looking to run banner ads, Facebook ads, native ads or Instagram ads, creativity is always key. This is what will make or break your campaign.

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However, there are some specific elements of the platform that can help your ads perform their best. Banner-maker and advertising platform Bannersnack, looked into the anatomy of an awesome Instagram ad, and gathered findings in a very useful infographic.

Key Points To Take Away:

  • – There are 3 types of ads on Instagram: Image, Video and Carousel ads.
  • – You can now set different objectives for your Instagram ads
  • – Only use high quality and original images for your Instagram ads
  • – Be creative and courageous: you ads needs to catch attention
  • Target the right people and use the right call to action

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