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How to Create Really Viral Content [infographic]

by • August 28, 2013 • Experts TalkComments Off on How to Create Really Viral Content [infographic]2888

Social Media is about content, right? And on top of building strong relationship with your fans/followers, you should also focus on creating great original content that will make them share it with their own followers/friends.

The following infographic provides very useful information on what type of content you should create and share on your social media profiles to maximize the positive impact it can have for your business.

One last thing: you have probably read how images are the best type of post, etc…. while this is absolutely true, let’s take a minute and understand why this is so. Images convey emotions and boost imagination. This way they easily get adopted by followers who, in reality, only see what they want to see in them, this way making it much easier for them to relate.

For the rest, I leave you with this great infographic by WhoIsHostingthis? which will certainly make you think of one or two new things you’ll want to add to your content creation process!

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