How To Add Existing Photos Or Videos To Your Instagram Stories

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The whole world is talking about Instagram Stories. Some love it, others chose to ignore it. And while we all agree it’s clearly been inspired Snapchat, some of the main Snapchat features are still missing on the feature – filters and lenses for example. But it seems like Instagram Stories has something all fanatic Snapchat users will be jealous of: You can add existing photos, videos or Boomerangs from your phone, to your Instagram Stories!

One Swipe, Is All It Takes

During the first hours of its launch, many people were already asking: “How can I add existing images to my Stories?” – many thought you could not. After all, even Instagram did not bother telling us how. But we found out how.

When you add something to your story, simply swipe up, and your photos, videos, and Boomerangs will appear there. One tap is enough to add them to your story. Of course you can then draw on them, or add text, in much the same way you would normally do.

Remember though… You can only add photos, videos and Boomerangs that you have created in the last 24 hours!

So, now that we have established how to add existing images – let’s move on to the next question: when will Facebook integrate MSQRD into Instagram Stories, so it becomes really fun? Your move, Instagram!

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