Here’s The Best Explanation Of Snapchat Ever

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Many swear by Snapchat. There are millions of users on the platform, and they love it! But for those of us who still wonder “What is Snapchat, and how do I use it?” here is a very useful explanation – perhaps the closest thing we have, to a manual.

With Snap Inc.’s IPO just around the corner, the company released a detailed explanation of everything there is to know about its platform. The “Roadshow Presentation” as it’s called, offers a wealth of knowledge! Available here for anyone to explore further, it contains a Roadshow Video, a Partners Testimonials video, and a Snapchat Overview video. The latter is what we are really interested in.

It’s about 9 minutes long, and it serves to bread down the complexities of the platform and all its features and functionalities – camera, making a snap, sending a snap, creative tools, adding friends, chatting, Memories, and storytelling, among others. If you can’t figure out what the different icons mean within the platform, worry not! It’s all there. As are explanations of the touch gestures that you need to remember in order to use the app properly.

So, if you’re willing to try it, now you too can find out how! Enjoy!

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