Google Improves Youtube Ad Performance And Measurement Across Screens

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Over 50% of views on YouTube are now coming from mobile, so it’s hard to ignore the need for features that increase effectiveness across devices.

Google has announced changes that will allow advertisers and agencies to better measure their campaigns and reach their audience on YouTube, across screens. All this, while offering people full control over their ads experience. Changes include a brand new cloud-based analytics solution that will help advertisers gain more detailed insights from their YouTube campaigns. This marks a shift from desktop to mobile in a really big way, but keeps some familiar features.

In a blog post announcing the new analytics solution, Diya Jolly said that while building it,

[Google] will continue to work closely with leading MRC accredited vendors including comScore, DoubleVerify, IAS, MOAT, and Nielsen. Together, these vendors account for the vast majority of third-party measurement on YouTube.

In addition, Google also announced “new ways for advertisers to use their customer data to reach their highest-value customers on YouTube.” Google suggests using a new feature called Customer Match, which matches customer emails to users. Finally, in the next few weeks, Google will enable more friendly and effective user controls that were built for cross-screen viewing in mind. For example, advertisers will be muted on YouTube as well as in search.

With these changes and new features, Google is “de-emphasizing” desktop technologies, like pixels and cookies – which may not always provide the right measurement.

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