Google France Transforms Its Twitter Feed Into A Panoramic Flipbook Of Paris

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Twitter is definitely the best platform to share immediate information. But, too often, creativity is left out. Google France wanted to show that Twitter could also be the host platform for cooler, more creative activities.

And they did just so: they transformed their feed into a panoramic flipbook of the amazing city of Paris.

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It all started when Google France tweeted a picture inviting users to visit their feed and hit “J” on their keyboard.


Who know that hitting “J” on Twitter actually made the feed scroll down? And if you mix this with a clever chronological series of time-lapse photos published on your Twitter feed, hitting “J” can transform a boring Twitter feed into an amazing interactive flipbook!

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Try it for yourself, visit the Google France Twitter account and hit “J”! Scroll down until you find this tweet, dated June 4th:

And once you’re done, you can even start hitting “K” to scroll back up and see the flipbook the other way around :)

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