Get Perspective On Local Stories With Snapchat’s Story Explorer

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Snapchat knows that the power of community equals exceptional, shareable content that engages the audience and spreads like wildfire. This is why Snapchat’s Stories feature has been so successful among its users.

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And now Snapchat is adding some more spice to its Stories, by allowing its users to indulge even further and enjoy multiple, different perspectives of a single clip or image shared on the crowdsourced feed.

According to the official announcement, Snapchat is rolling out a new functionality that will help you see more of a specific snap, taken from different angles. Each time you follow a story on your device and see an interesting moment, you can swipe up and enjoy the same moment as captured from different users, offering multiple point of views.

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This new feature can prove to be extremely useful especially in the case of live events. Users will have the opportunity to relive and watch their favourite events from various angles and get a glimpse of the vibes as they happen.

While the feature is not available for global launch at the time being, it is being gradually rolled out in New York and Los Angeles areas.

See it unravel in the following video.

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