Fun Pop Mashup of the Week #8

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Hello, hello, have you had snow? It’s been a bit cold lately so I really cannot think of a better pastime than scouring social media for fun things to share with you. Let’s go!

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Are you ready for this week’s mashup of the funniest thing happening on social media?

James And The Rant

James Blunt is back! Yes, the one and only man we love to hate more than…Nicolas Cage. I jest of course, Nick still wins. After the shadow culture minister, Chris Bryant said James came from a privileged background, Mr Blunt bluntly told Bryant off in an open letter. The gist of it is all here  – “I happened to go to a boarding school. No one helped me at boarding school to get into the music business”. Twitter is of course the arena for James Blunt’s best asset, his witty comebacks to nasty tweets that is. A few of his best (and non foul mouthed) are below:

Insta Tattoo

Do you love your Instagram photos? Do you enjoy a tattoo or two? Well…all your Christmases have come (very) early as company INK361 released Picattoo this week. It’s a service where you can create temporary tats from your artistic snaps. I cannot wait until people walk around with a breakfast on their arm and a sunset on their back! “I’ve got you, over my skin…”

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Tumblr Fandometrics

So it looks like Tumblr FINALLY got my memo and created Fandometrics! The platform essentially compiles the top pop culture convos on Tumblr. They are partnering with Entertainment Tonight for this and as a result, the week’s most popular Tumblr content will be featured in broadcasts and online. All marketers – on your markets, get set…

Vine Takes On #SOTU

On Vine it was all about Obama’s State of the Union address (#SOTU for the connoisseurs) and snippets including random clapping, nose picking and a nap or two. I shall leave you with this presidential wink and a nod to the weekend!

It’s good news people!

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