Forget Shaky Live 360, Facebook Now Stabilises Your Videos

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If you’re not doing Live 360 videos yet, then stop reading and go LIVE. Now is the time, and Facebook just made it better for all.

Facebook is not giving up on Live. Facebook is not giving up on 360. The company just announced the launch of a series of new features and improvements for Live 360 videos.

First on the list: stabilisation. If your hand goes shaky, Facebook will automatically stabilise your Live 360 video once you opt to share it on the platform. ┬áThat will become even more important when Facebook will soon let us stream live in 4K resolution! And we are not talking about “the future” here, ┬áthe company is planning to roll out the 4K capability to all users, starting in just a few weeks.

But that’s not all. You can now schedule alerts to followers about your upcoming Live 360 video streams, and even add “Donate” buttons to your live videos. Charities and NGOs are going to find very interesting.

Last, but not least, Facebook is launching the “Ready” program. Camera manufacturers, and software developers, can now apply for their products to be pre-approved for Live 360 streaming. For brands, this is a huge opportunity to rise above competitors’ products and be recognised thanks to the Facebook live logo they will be able to carry on their packaging.

No, Facebook is not giving up on Live, on the contrary.

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