First 360-Degree Videos Have Appeared On Twitter

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It took Twitter some time, but you know what they say, right? “Better late than never”. Yes! Twitter has finally started showing 360-degree videos. Not quite the same immersive experience as on YouTube or Facebook, but definitely a step in the right direction.

With both YouTube and Facebook going head to head for 360 video superiority, we had totally forgotten about Twitter’s absence. But now, Twitter partnered with Samsung and the NBA to post the first 360 videos on the platform during the NBA finals. The official account of the NBA tweeted 360-degree videos that were recorded with Samsung’s Gear 360 – users click on the link and then simply click and drag to view the video in all directions.

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The new feature works on both Twitter desktop and mobile but it is definitely not as immersive as Facebook or YouTube‘s offerings. Still, it is definitely an interesting proposition for brands to use the technology, yet most users across the globe do not have the ability to create 360-degree videos, which makes content created with the technology rather rare overall.

Facebook recently introduced 360 Photos, a feature which may democratise the production of 360 content, making it a lot easier for users to do with limited technical capabilities. Overall, both Facebook and YouTube are far ahead in the use and implementation of 360 video on their platforms, with YouTube also notably launching 360-video live-streaming recently.

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