Feel Good by Kleenex

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The secret mix of every successful social media marketing campaign is made out of intrigue, interaction and reaction. Truth is, however, than even in the digital age, the impact of campaigns remain very difficult to measure.

But this should in no way stand on the way of creative agencies. Israeli agency Smoyz managed to combine both creative thinking and measurable impact.

They searched through Facebook to identify status updates indicating different degrees of sickness. Once identified, they used their online connections to obtain these users’ postal address and went on to send them specially prepared “Get well soon” Kleenex kits to help them feel better.

And what happened next was rather impressive. Out of all of the 50 users who received the Kleenex kit at home, 100% of them uploaded a picture of the kit on their Facebook timeline to express their surprise and gratitude. The result was hundreds of comments and like from their facebook friends, helping Kleenex getting great awareness online.

The results were in this case, perfectly measurable. But it went on….

Other people started to look out for the kits, asking Kleenex on their Facebook page where they could fin them. This meant more interaction with the Kleenex brand on Facebook and further promotion. From just 50 kits, Kleenex obtained over 650,000 impressions and 1,800 interactions highlighting the success of the campaign.

So who said “measurable” meant the downfall of Creativity?

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