Facebook Will Soon Stop Showing You If A Post Has Been Edited

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Twitter still doesn’t allow its users to edit Tweets. But back in 2013, Facebook started testing the feature, much to everyone’s delight. Now, it seems to be removing the notification telling people that a post has been edited.

We all rejoiced when Facebook rolled out the ability for users and pages to edit their posts after publishing them. Because, as you know well, few things are more annoying than making a small typo on a post, only to find out about it after it’s been posted and has already gained engagement.

So even a tiny mistake, on a Facebook post that you cannot edit, is a pretty big deal – and therefore Facebook graciously gave us the opportunity to edit posts. However, it also labeled edited posts as “Edited,” and users could even see their edit history. This safeguarded that posts weren’t edited so significantly that their entire meaning was changed.

Now, Facebook seems to be removing this label. Of course, totally removing it, automatically gives sly marketers the ability to change posts as they see fit, without others knowing about it. However, we don’t know whether Facebook is changing the editing feature itself, so it might add some kind of safeguard for users. For one, users can still click on the top right-hand corner of a post to see its “edit history,” so that’s certainly a good thing.

Editing of posts is one of the top features that many Twitter users have been asking for, for some time now. Many are also totally against it though. Most seem to agree though, that if it is introduced, it will have to come with some rules. For example, it might only be available within a specific timeframe. That would certainly be fair, right?

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