Facebook Will Soon Show Ads Within Videos

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Look, I won’t tire you with my “Facebook is the new primetime” quote. This is now established in our collective consciousness.

Facebook, is testing ad breaks in its live and pre-recorded videos. We have already experienced this (rather annoying) feature on YouTube, where there are ads that split a video into two or more parts and give us some brief information about a product or a service.

Reports say that the ad breaks on Facebook will take place after a minimum of 20 seconds into the video – and at least two minutes apart for longer videos. So yes, you could be having ad breaks every few minutes or so. What we also know is that Facebook will be splitting revenue with advertisers on a 55-45 basis.

While the ad-breaks feature is still being tested in beta, it’s clear that Facebook will be targeting content creators – especially live content creators. Those eligible to opt in for 20-second video breaks should have more than 2,000 followers, and should have reached at least 300 viewers in their recent broadcasts. For pre-recorded videos, Facebook is currently offering the option to enable 20-second ad breaks to a limited number of publishers – again for testing purposes.

On the other end, users will be given the option to take an ad-break while watching a video, with the help of a little notification that will appear during the the broadcast. Tapping on the notification will commence the 20-second video.

This development is in line with Facebook‘s plans to get into the world of TV. The social network will soon be rolling out a dedicated app for Apple TV and Amazon Fire that will be focused solely on video.

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