Facebook Marketplace Is Probably A Much Bigger Idea Than We Thought

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If you thought that Facebook launched Marketplace to just cater for buying and selling between users, you are wrong. After launching in 17 more countries recently, Facebook seems to have a lot more coming to Marketplace. 

Since it was (re)launched, Facebook’s Marketplace has been a place for people to buy and sell things from each other through the platform. But recent developments prove that Facebook plans to do a lot more with it. Apart from using it as another ad placement, Marketplace could be used for other e-commerce categories – job listings, products from retailers’ shopping Pages, ticket sales, and much more.

Facebook itself has confirmed these claims. A spokesperson recently told The Verge that the company is “conducting a test to determine if people are interested in shopping for discounted products when they visit Marketplace.” Similarly, in an interview with Recode, Deb Liu, Marketplace’s VP at Facebook explains that there are more “categories coming to Marketplace, including ticket sales and products from retailers’ shopping Pages.”

This news also follows the recent appearance of eBay Daily Deals within Marketplace on Facebook’s mobile app – this being the result of a deal that eBay has made with Facebook. The purchasing process actually takes place on eBay itself, but users find the products on Marketplace. The feature is still in testing, and may never roll out to all users, but it proves just how far Facebook is willing to take this product.

What next though? Well, Facebook has made it clear that it is checking to see what people want to see within Marketplace. So, even if it’s auto sales or real estate listings, Marketplace may soon have all of that.

Buy buttons on social media never really worked. Is Marketplace the answer?

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