Facebook Removes The Ability To Boost Some Rarely-Used Post Types

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We’re used to Facebook adding features. But now it’s taking a few away. Effective on September 15, Facebook is removing the ability to boost a whole list of post types.

There are many post types on Facebook that are used so very rarely, that they almost don’t matter to anyone. Additionally, they are unlikely to be tied closely to any advertiser objectives. When they have been boosted, they have rarely gotten great results. So what’s the point in allowing them to be boosted? No point.

So, in order to help businesses get more value from their ads overall, Facebook is doing a little “clean up” by removing the ability to boost certain post types.¬†I doubt most of you would ever think of boosting any of these, but in about two weeks they will be retired.

Here’s the definitive list:

  • – Boosting share of products from shops
  • – Boosting the share of a story about a for-sale post
  • – Boosting a check-in on a map, at a restaurant, or in a city
  • – Boosting the share of a note
  • – Boosting the share of a poll
  • – Boosting place recommendations
  • – Boosting the share of cultural moments
  • – Boosting the share of comments
  • – Boosting change of a Profile picture
  • – Boosting a file upload or share
  • – Boosting a sports event
  • –¬†Boosting of a video or image uploaded through the Facebook camera
  • – Boosting of attendance for an event
  • – Boosting the share of a video playlist
  • – Boosting the status of watching a television show, movie, or other types of programming
  • – Boosting a post from an app posted to a Page’s timeline
  • – Boosting a political endorsement

Note: If you’re running any campaigns with these, you’ve got until September 29 to move over to one that is supported. Facebook explains that the easiest way to do that (find one that is supported) is to create an ad in Ads Manager.

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