Facebook Privacy – User Habits

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Privacy is still the big talk of the town when it comes to Facebook. However only few are really aware of what and how much information they are exposing on the largest social network.

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Facebook offers full control to users over how they information will be shared or protected but the truth is that many do not know, do not understand or simply do not take the time to set their privacy levels properly.

The following research by Next Advisor, was conducted among Facebook users, aged 18+, and looked into how they use Facebook’s privacy settings. all the findings are combined in the following infographic.

And to start with… 50% of Facebook users surveyed have yet to use the “view as” feature when checking their privacy settings, while 1 out of 4 declared that most of their updates are public.

Facebook Privacy - Infographic

What is your approach on privacy? Do you consider that what you share should always be public? Do you use any other social platforms that offer higher privacy settings and a smaller number of followers? We would love to hear from you :)

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