Facebook Is Testing A ‘Messenger Broadcast’ Feature

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Facebook has confirmed that it is testing a feature that would allow businesses to broadcast automated messages to users en masse, through Messenger. 

Another day, another test from Facebook. According to multiple sources, Facebook has confirmed that it is testing a Messenger Broadcast feature that if (or when) rolled out will allow businesses to send messages to multiple users through Messenger. For any of you thinking “spam” you can rest assured that only users who have already initiated conversations with a business on the platform will receive the messages.

The test shows that businesses are able to create their own welcome message containing text, video, or images, and add a list of suggested replies to it. Although the message itself can be totally unconnected with a user’s previous questions, only those who actually have initiated conversations in the past, will be receiving it. Messenger Broadcast isn’t a bot, but it acts like one – at least the conversation it encourages looks like one with a bot.

The feature – first spotted by TNW‘s Matt Navarra – is being tested privately at the moment and there is no news as to whether or when it might actually roll out publicly. Even if it doesn’t, we get an idea of what Facebook might be planning to do with its Messenger platform. Either way, we also have the announcements of new features for the Messenger Platform when it’s updated – and that always holds some clues about what’s on the way.

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