Facebook Is About To Launch Household Targeting For Ads

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Facebook is about to take hyper targeting to a whole new level as the company is getting ready to launch new capabilities that will let advertisers target entire families or specific people within a household.

It’s a marketer’s dream come true: being able to speak directly to the purchase decision maker within a household. No more wasted dollars trying to blindly reach the right person.

With its upcoming household audience feature, Facebook will help brands target ads to the people who influence the purchase decision, while serving different ads to the people actually making the purchase. It almost seems impossible, but not for Facebook: the company knows so much about our habits and behaviours, that this does not even seem like a difficult task.

How Household Targeting Works

It starts with a usual custom audience, ideally built out of some kind of CRM data or email list. By selecting to activate the household audience feature, advertisers will able to reach the person they are actively targeting and other people under the same roof.

And yes, Facebook knows who lives in your house, based on different signals, such as your marital status and family members you declare on your profile, the frequency of shared check-ins and activities, or through your Internet access IP. All this data is anonymous, of course.

And this opens a whole new level of advertising for the Internet giant, as explained by Graham Mudd, Facebook’s product marketing director:

What we want to do basically is leverage the power of our network to enable that kind of influencing or to support that kind of influencing across the family.

So whether you are a retailer, or a brand selling products direct to consumers, you will soon be able to serve ads across all of the purchase funnel ecosystem: from the person who influences the decision to buy, all the way to whom is actually going to buy that product or service.

Facebook has no limitations, and advertisers love it.

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