Facebook Introduces New Canvas Template For Collection Ads

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Facebook announced that it is enhancing its collections ad format to help drive sales by adding a new lifestyle template that will help advertisers inspire product discovery through their ads. 

Facebook is continuing its mission to bring more and more immersive mobile ad formats to advertisers so that they can increase their effectiveness and make more sales. One of its moves in this direction includes its recent move to add Canvas templates to collection ads, simplifying the ad creation process significantly.

Now Facebook will be adding a new template involving lifestyle imagery tagged with product photos, to inspire product discovery. The new template allows, advertisers to “showcase their products in context,[…] create more meaningful brand experiences,” and increase sales. Including people, places, or experiences in imagery provides this context.

In its announcement, Facebook explained that the new template would be available to all advertisers within the next month, and can be found “as a fullscreen experience when using the collection format.”

In addition to the above, Facebook also announced some other additional updates that add to its collection ads:

  • Engagement Custom Audience which allows businesses to retarget people who have clicked on collection ad in News Feed or the fullscreen experience.
  • Store Visits Objective to allow businesses to drive store visits and in-store sales through their collection ads.
  • Enhanced tracking expanding the ability for businesses to track exactly which products from the fullscreen experience are driving traffic.

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