Facebook Integrates MSQRD For More Snapchat-Like Filters

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It’s only been a few days since Facebook launched Stories on Instagram, a copy (or rip-off for some) of Snapchat‘s Stories. But Facebook isn’t done yet: It’s now bringing some proper Snapchat-like features to its main app.

When I told you it wouldn’t be long before Facebook integrated MSQRD and its facial recognition technology into Instagram Stories, I didn’t imagine it would first come to the main Facebook app. But it has.

In the latest version of the app (not yet available across all countries) Facebook has placed a selfie cam feed at the top of your timeline (where you would normally type in your status update) where you can also apply filters using facial recognition technology from MSQRD.

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Facebook is clearly envious of Snapchat’s fast growth and penetration among younger audiences, and the company is relentlessly looking into bringing in some of the features that made Snapchat so popular in the first place.

This new “selfie cam” at the top of your News Feed is just one of the many ways Facebook is trying to make you share more and better engaging content, so you – and your friends – don’t have to go look somewhere else.

I must admit that I love the MSQRD filters, and I am super happy they are making their way onto Facebook (although I would still have preferred getting them on Instagram first). But the live selfie cam is giving me the creeps.

What about you?

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