Facebook Dislike Button Is Actually Not A Dislike Button

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Over the past month we had written about the highly anticipated “dislike” button, or “empathy” button, that Facebook planned to roll out. We even provided you with wireframes on how it could possibly look like.

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It now seems that Facebook is finally rolling out its approach to “dislike” button. Only that it’s not a button. In fact, the social network is gearing towards displaying an array of emojis which will include a series of emotions. Among them one may find a sad and an angry emoji.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. With emoji being a diverse, universally adopted form of communication, it was only a matter of time before Facebook used it to help its users express their feelings of frustration or anger, without actually propagating negativity.


And, yes, many Facebook fans will be disappointed from the apparent lack of an actual Dislike button, but Mr. Zuckerberg is making sure that the platform is staying clean from mass pessimism.

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