Facebook Could Launch Its Own ‘Uber’ Service

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Are Uber’s days numbered? It could be so, as Facebook – the “mother of all social networks”, is reportedly designing a ride-share platform.

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As Tech Insider reveals, Facebook has already submitted a patent which reveals that it has plans to integrate ride-sharing features on the platform. More specifically, it is planning on embedding an “Uber-like option” on every Event Page. The aim of this move, is to facilitate transportations to and from events, by allowing users to share the commuting costs between each other.

According to the same patent filing, event attendants will be able to indicate whether they are driving to an event or not, thus helping others see their transport options, to and from the location of the event. Moreover, each event attendant who drives to an event, will be able to declare how many guests he or she could possibly carry, thus helping guests book their seat in a timely manner.


Moreover, given the vast amount of data that Facebook currently has on its users, it’s possible that we should expect some sort of driver-passenger “matchmaking”, based on interests, common groups etc. It’s also a safe bet to suggest that ride-sharing will also have some sort of integration with Facebook’s Messenger, who has already implemented the option of sending order and shipping updates to members’ phones.

Facebook has apparently fewer compliance issues than Uber, which has been fighting lawsuits from unions as well as a recent data leak. Although a patent filing doesn’t necessarily mean implementation, this could be a blow t0 Uber’s services, and especially Uber Pop – a service where users are linked to drivers who don’t actually have professional taxi or chauffeur licenses.

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