Facebook Ads Increase Impressions by 200 Percent

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ShopIgniter, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, just published the result of an-house study that shows that paid advertising on Facebook really increases viral and organic impressions on the social networking platform. To be exact the study showed that impressions were increased by up to 200%.

The study of more than 2,000 Facebook News Feed posts from Q1 and Q2 of 2013, and their more than 2 billion impressions and post-click performance, actually shows that Facebook’s ad performance is on par with the best performing digital channels, like Google.

Justin Kistner, the Senior Director of Strategy at ShopIgniter discussed the findings with our colleagues at  Inside Facebook:

This report showed that Facebook is the most cost-effective channel for real business outcomes. This is the first time data has proven that Facebook is good for business.

The study was conducted because, Kistner said, all marketing activity his company concentrates on centers around something that starts in the News Feed. “It’s about the landing page experience. ‘What type of post should I use?’ ‘Should I use paid media?’ We wanted to figure out which posts get the most traction.”

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Here are some other notable statistics, issued from the same research:

  • Paid media not only vastly improves reach but also increases organic and viral impressions by up to 200 percent,
  • More than 51 % of campaign engagement occurred on mobile.
  • Richer experiences decrease negative feedback rates by up to 600 percent.

So did this convince you of the importance of promoting your content on Facebook?

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