Engage Conversations With Twitter’s Instant Unlock Cards

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In a recent interview, Chris Le’Cand-Harwood said that “social media is what great marketing has always been: word-of-mouth.”  It’s true! The success of any social media campaign has to do with the “buzz” it generates online. And that’s exactly what Twitter’s Instant Unlock Cards are all about.

As explained in the animation below, Instant Unlock Cards motivate users to Tweet, by offering access to exclusive content in exchange for Tweeting some branded content. A movie trailer, an exclusive Q&A, or anything else in fact. Amazing, right?

The concept is rather simple yet the result is very efficient. Selected advertisers who had early access to Conversational Ads and Instant Unlock Cards, saw an earned media rate of 34% . That’s 34 free impressions per 100 that they paid for! Those are very good numbers, right?

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Campaigns Using Instant Unlock Cards

@AMC_TV@CocaCola and @Marvel are among the first to use Instant Unlock Cards. All brands reported an important increase in earned impressions – not to mention a massive lift in conversations.


@AMC_TV offered fans access to an exclusive trailer



@CocaCola featured niche influencers to drive conversation



@Marvel used emojis in their Conversational Ads

Measure Your Success With New Advanced Analytics

Finally, Twitter also announced a new set of advanced analytics, with a strong focus on earned media. You will also be able to see how many users are using your campaign’s hashtag, and which the most influential tweets were – all within Twitter Analytics.

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For the moment, conversational ads and Instant Unlock Cards are only available to managed accounts.

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