DeepSense Builds Your Profile From Your Public Online Conversations

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As we post on social media and leave a data paper trail across the Internet, all data can be used to build profiles of who we are. An AI engine like DeepSense uses your public data to do just that. 

You’ve been warned to think before you post anything personal on social media, or the Internet in general. Apart from the possibility of your publicly available data being used by “bad actors,” it could be used by anyone – including your future employer – to build a pretty accurate profile about you. Yes, believe it or not, all your Tweets, Instagram posts, LinkedIn updates, and more, all contain clues about who you really are. This is exactly the kind of data that DeepSense – an AI engine built by social intelligence company Frrole – uses to build profiles of Internet users.

DeepSense uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to read online conversations across social networks and can give a good idea of specific characteristics of a person online – whether they are positive, considerate, temperamental, and a lot more. If you’re worried about some questionable Facebook posts, you shouldn’t – if they are not marked as public, that is.

That’s because DeepSense only tracks public postings. As Amarpreet Kalkat, Co-founder & CEO of Frrole explains, Tweets are tracked of course, but the tool also tracks Instagram, LinkedIn, Klout, and Stack Overflow. Kalkat says that “Facebook is missing because by default it is private by nature.”

You might also think that you don’t share enough information publicly to help tools like DeepSense. Kalkat explains that “one thing people don’t realise is that how little data is required to start making deductions about you, and probably correct enough.” AI can do wonders. DeepSense’s “skills,” can be applied in many ways. Employers can find out a lot about the character of a potential hire, just by looking at a profile built by the tool. Also, customer service reps can find out more about who they are talking to, simply by accessing a profile. The applications are endless actually.

How accurate is DeepSense though – or any such tool for that matter? Many people live totally different “online lives,” and may post things that paint them in a different light. Kalkat explains that there are built-in safeguards that can counter this. For example, AI looks at many different areas. As Kalkat says,

We all leave some footprint somewhere, some time, that we don’t even realise. It’s not just the comments you make, but also the people whom you follow, the likes you mark, the people with whom you are connected, and engage with. This is where Machine Learning comes in.

Well, you can check it out for yourself. Just go to, fill in your (or anyone else’s) Twitter handle, or other information.

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