Coca-Cola Rewards Your Positive Attitude On Twitter

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On Twitter, a lot of what we share has a negative feeling to it. Yes, we love to rant, vent and complain on Twitter. In fact, a recent research conducted among 50000 Internet users revealed that up to 47% of all tweets are negative.

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In Spain, the city of El Prat de Llobregat, one of many city facing a harsh economic crisis in Europe, was identified as being the most negative on Twitter.


Coca-Cola, the brand that built its marketing message around happiness and sharing, wanted to do something about that. Together with The Cyranos McCANN, they launched the first vending machine that sets the price of a can of Coke based on how positive your tweets are.

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When you face the vending machine, you’ll be asked to enter your Twitter @username. Then the machine will quickly analyse your tweets, determine how positive or negative your tweets are, and set the price you have to pay for a can of Coke. Concretely, the more positive you are on Twitter, the less you will have to pay (some even got it down to 100% free). And the more negative you are, the dearer the can of Coke will be for you.

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The experience started in El Prat de Llobregat but is now on the move to a city near you. Are you ready to be positive?

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