Clarks Shoes Launches Campaign on WhatsApp

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Do you think that messaging services are not a field for marketers? Well, you should reconsider that. Not only do the stats show that messaging apps are a key player when it comes to user engagement, it’s also where users are most active.

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Clarks originals decided to dive into the work of dark social and use WhatsApp for their latest campaign by recounting the story of its famous desert boots series. The campaign, called “From Rats to Rudeboys”, will invite users to communicate directly with three personalities that are deeply associated with Clarks legendary shoes throughout the course of years.

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The three personalities that take part in this initiative are Steve Barrow, Bruno Barbey and Stitch. Barrow is closely associated with the mod wave that emerged in England during the mid 60s. Barney, a prominent photographer, captured with his camera the uprising of May 1968 in Paris, France. Stitch, reggae icon and head of a group of rudeboys called the Spanglers who were at the heart of reggae’s birth in 70s Kingston.

All three of them, prominent members of the subcultures that brought Clark’s desert boots to spotlight, have their story to share, which is deeply knit with Clarks history and values. Users that will add them on their WhatsApp will get to see will see images, playlists, videos and messages.

Find out more in the following video.

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