3 Super Engaging Ideas For A Twitter Contest

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We all know that Twitter is a great platform for real-time marketing and customer service. But it’s also great for holding contests that will bring more interaction to your account and reward you with new followers.

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While the whole concept of contest may sound a bit old, if done correctly it will boost your engagement rates and turn participation into genuine interest for your brand and for what it stands for.

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Let’s have a look a a few ideas you should use for your next Twitter contest.

1. Make It About Storytelling

Let your followers tell your brand’s story, or even reinvent theirs. Reward them with exclusive material or (why not?) with prizes.

Have a look at what Heineken did a while ago. Not only did it engage its fans into a world of collaborative storytelling, it also took advantage of the powerful video capabilities on Twitter to create a unique, rewarding 15-second blockbuster video, entirely created by and based on tweets. Simple in conception, grandiose in execution.

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2. Make It Conversational

You don’t have to publish pushy updates to make people participate in your contest. Most brands already use Twitter to help their followers with their questions and generate conversations. Why not taking advantage of this fact?

Tweet chats help you identify influencers, future brand ambassadors and loyal followers. When asking a questions, reward the most engaging or fun answer or even the most random one. Your followers will appreciate it.

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3. Like A Bird

Sometimes the best ideas are the easiest to implement. Like A Bird is an exciting new platform that offers a variety of ready-to-use Twitter contests to keep your followers hooked.

Like A Bird offers 8 types of contests, all built to maximise the impact and engagement of your followers. From setting up an automatic “Bot-O-Reply” to an instant win or Retweet contest, the app covers all your needs.


You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding and setting up your account and your first contest will only take you 5 minutes. Plus, your first contest is free! (using the 5 birdies the app offers you when you sign up.)

Once you have used your free credit, the app operates on a pay-as-you-go credit system. You purchase “birdies” and use them as and when you wish. A basic contest will cost you £75 while the most looked for option will provide you with 2 contests, a bunch of advanced features, stats and a webpage to host your contest.


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For more information on Like A Bird and how it can help you boost engagement on your Twitter account, visit: likeabirdapps.com

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