10+1 Annoying Things People Do on Facebook

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Have you ever opened Facebook and just wanted to start ripping your hair out or attack your computer, or just simply unfriend someone? What has caused this reaction in the past? In no particular order, here are ten (plus one) of the most annoying things people do, on Facebook… And speaking of which… STOP doing that already!

Spam Tagging

When Facebook changed its contest rules recently, it also mentioned that tagging someone who is not in an image is forbidden. And you know why? Because it is very very annoying to users. This is especially prevalent with people promoting events or services who, by taking advantage of the tagging option they could bring people’s attention to something. My advice to them? Stop. You will lose engagement, friends, and possibly your account if you continue to do so.

Too Much Information (TMI)

Your Facebook friends are really NOT interested in ALL the details of your personal life, the lives of your children, or what you did last night (and with whom). They are certainly not interested in whether your baby made its first “poopie”. I totally understand the need for people to use Facebook to vent over something to receive sympathy (it’s only human, and I do it as well) but it’s NOT appropriate to broadcast the details of your last break up, whether your ex or boss is an a-hole, or whether you’re on your period. Remember that what happens online STAYS ONLINE, but not in a “good way” if you know what I mean. And Something else… Getting into public fights/arguments on Facebook? Not a good idea. A very bad idea in fact.

Excessive use of #Tags

So, Facebook introduced tags… If you have an account on Twitter or Instagram you will have gotten used to them… Did you also learn to use them correctly? Probably not…  What made you think that each word in a post or status update should be a hashtag? If unsure, here are some “dos and don’ts”. Let’s all help end this madness, now!


Vaguebooking is defined by Urban Dictionary as “…an intentionally vague Facebook status update, that prompts friends to ask what’s going on, or is possibly a cry for help.” I would just like to add, that as a way to get attention it may very well work, but it mostly just annoys people. Examples include things like “I wonder if it’s worth it” or “Your boyfriend was great last night”, or “I’m thinking of ending this”, or “What a d*ck!”… Save it for someone who actually cares… or get a therapist… Really!

The Twitter Sync

Twitter and Facebook are different… You’ll have to believe it, and accept it!  Having your tweets (that you’ve probably already posted on Facebook as updates anyway) reappear on Facebook is wrong. It doesn’t look good, and neither does it have any value. Cross-platform posting can work to your advantage (i.e. Instagram to Facebook is great) but try to get the right combination going in order to reap the full benefits of your content-sharing.

Liking Your Own Posts or Status Updates

Since the beginning of time (or Facebook to be exact), liking your own status update is a “no no”. Sure, if you have a page you can like a post (as yourself) to make it travel further. But posting something on Facebook, and your “Like” being one of the two or three other likes on that post? Not good.

Stupid Name Changes

If you don’t want someone to find you on Facebook just block them. If your name is not “Tinky Bling Bling” don’t change it to that. Simple. This actually also applies to your “relationship status” or “studied at”, “worked at”, “hometown” sections of your profile. If you don’t want to share it with Facebook or the world, just don’t fill it in. Guess what… That you are married to your best friend [enter another stupid fake name here], you live in Las Vegas, work for “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and have studied at the “University of Jalalabad”, just screams “Hey! Look at meeee! Notice how witty and cool and interesting I can be!?” – No… You’re not. That’s why you did, what you just did.

Excessive Use of Emoji

Ahhhh… ❤, ❤, ❤, and smileys, and all sorts of other crappy emoji. And more ❤… and :-(, and little devils… and exclamation marks! Personally, they drive me up the wall! You want to tell the world how completely out of control your emotions are? Call people. Those who care will actually pick up the phone!!! Alternatively, you could just privately message them. You don’t even have to leave Facebook for that! If they actually give a damn they will answer… with more ❤ and ;-), and all the rest.

Political (or other) Activism

Get over it! You’re not going to change the world by sitting on your ass in front of Facebook. Bombings are not going to stop, and hunger is not going to be eradicated no matter how many shocking photos you upload, and no matter how many paragraphs of rants you write! Despite what the “Arab Spring” has taught you, your online activism on Facebook is not going to lower taxes or the unemployment rate.

Re-posting Chain Posts

Guess what. That “Facebook Privacy” post that appears every now and then, and that SO MANY people re-post, is not going to make a difference. And by the way… it is a hoax! As is most content that asks you to re-post otherwise 5,000 children will die or something like that. And those posts about Christian children being hanged by Muslims, or Muslim children being hanged by Buddhists? Hoaxes. You should probably check your facts first. Use Google or TinEye for reverse image search, to find all instances of a particular image on the web. You can also consult HoaxSlayer , Hoax Busters,  or F-Secure’s Hoax Warnings – it’s not only the annoyance that you could be causing others, it’s also a matter of Facebook security, as many chain posts are used for clickjacking.

Switching Between the Same Two Profile Pictures

Oh! Look at me in a swimsuit! Look at me fully-clothed! Switching between the same two profile pictures is another one of those shamelessly attention-grabbing actions that people use, to remind others that they are there. You will probably have noticed, that every time one of your friends does this, you see it on your Newsfeed. More effective than a genuine status update? Indeed! VERY annoying to most people who see straight through your technique? Correct!  Will those people think less of you because of this? Probably.

So, what annoys YOU on Facebook?

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