YouTube Adds HDR Support

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There are a few things that can make a video more enjoyable to watch. And HDR is one of these. 

YouTube got a major upgrade this week, as it now offers HDR video support. HDR, or High Dynamic Range,  allows for a greater contrast between the brightest and darkest elements of an image. As a result, you make brighter and more colourful videos, and at the same time, bring out more details in dark scenes.



And yes, HDR is kind of a big deal, as explained by Yann Lafargue, Netflix’s manager of corporate communications:

HDR is a new standard for home entertainment. It’s a big leap forward in colour, contrast, and brightness, as significant as the addition of surround sound, or the introduction of HD and 4K.

There aren’t many devices around (laptop or mobile) that support HDR quality. But you will still be able to see a massive difference on your regular phone or laptop, especially in darker scenes.

As far as uploading HDR videos, YouTube promises it will be no different from uploading a regular video. It just might take a little bit more time or bandwidth.

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