You Think You Master Emoji? With This Keyboard, You Will!

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Admit it, you love emoji. And you’re not alone.  A recent study has shown that 74% of people in the US regularly use emoji, emoticons or stickers in their online communication. And not only that… the same research also claims that we send out an average of 96 emoji per day!

So how do you feel about an Emoji keyboard now?

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Online communication is about efficiency. And EmojiWorks claim that their Emoji keyboard will speed up your Emoji-typing by up to 10 times.

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The EmojiWorks keyboard is also very much up to date: it already includes the newest emoji that were released last September. Of course, it can also be used as a regular keyboard, you know… to write words. But let’s face it, this keyboard is dedicated to emoji first, with up to 3 different ones per key!

Interested? The EmojiWorks keyboard is available on their site for pre-order.

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