You Can Now Use Buyable Pins On Android

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Along with the dedicated Pinterest Shop that will be rolling out within the next few weeks, Pinterest has also finally expanded buyable Pins, to Android devices.

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Although they are still only available to users in the US, there are currently over 60 million buyable Pins out there for people who would like to buy stuff from Pinterest – stuff they’ve just discovered, because we know how good the platform is in this. With buyable Pins, users don’t ever have to leave Pinterest to buy what they are interested in.

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So, how do they work? Well, to know if a pin is buyable or not, you check if it has a blue price on it. Then you tap “Buy” and within a few taps you’ll be checking out. Your information will be saved for your next buying session. It’s really that easy. And secure. If you are worried about the identity of the seller of the product you are buying, worry not.


Pinterest has reviewed and approved each seller separately, so you know you will be buying from someone that has been vetted by the company itself. We’ve always known that Pinterest is a great discovery tool. Now, it is also becoming a great shopping tool as well. This is the natural progression on things.

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