You Can Now Send And Receive Money On Messenger With PayPal

by • October 23, 2017 • FacebookComments Off on You Can Now Send And Receive Money On Messenger With PayPal2684

Messenger users in the U.S. now have a new way to send money to each other, as the platform teams up with Paypal to offer payments between friends.

Back in 2015, Facebook Messenger introduced the ability for Facebook users to add their debit or credit card to Messenger in order to send each other money through the platform. Now, they can also use PayPal as well, as Messenger partners with PayPal and to add the payment platform as a method of payment.

The process to set up PayPal as a payment method is really simple, and echoes the way to do it for a debit/credit cards. Simply tap the “+” button and select the payments option (it’s green). After setting the amount to pay, and tapping “pay” you can choose PayPal instead of debit/credit cards. If you’ve already been using this feature, you can simply change your payment method and you’re done.

Whereas there are so many people already using PayPal at the moment outside the United States, only U.S. users get the option right now. In fact, U.S. users are the only ones that get the payment option at all. There has been no announcement about it being available in other countries yet. Also, the feature is only available on iOS at the moment but will be available on Android soon. Whether it’s ever available on desktop as well is just a matter of time to see.

This new feature will be a welcome addition to everyone who already uses PayPal to pay others or to receive funds.

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