You Can Now See Which Are The Best Facebook Posts From Your Competitors

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Facebook has always been great at providing us with useful insights on how to make our content work better on the platform. We get all kinds of interesting data: what is the best time to reach our audience, what type of content works best on our page, what our audience is like and what they like, etc… But what we don’t get is a benchmark, or rather “an idea” about which other pages we compete with are doing well.

Until today. Because now, you get to see which are the best posts from your competitors on Facebook.

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Facebook rolled out the new feature quietly, but it is rather an interesting one. We’re always interested to know what others do well, what kind of content they use to perform well, what their copy looks like, etc…

A new feature within your Facebook Page’s insights does just that. It shows you what posts from your competitors – from your “pages to watch” – are performing best. And that in itself is already a goldmine of intel.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

The screenshot below comes from our own Facebook Insights. You can identify which posts do well at a glance. You can of course click on the links also see the full post. This insight will be automatically refreshed every week.


To access the “top posts from pages you watch”, visit your page’s insight section and head over to your “posts” insights.

How useful will this be to your own social media strategy?

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