You Can Now Add Canvas To Your Collection Ads

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Facebook’s Canvas ads have been added to the Collection ad format, making them available for all ad formats currently running on News Feed. 

Facebook launched its Collection ad format a few months ago, as a way for brands to combine a video ad with four recommended products. Users can click on the recommended products, and go to a landing page that is optimised for speed – not directly to the advertiser’s site. This makes the user experience somwhat smoother.

Canvas, a full-screen immersive format has been around for over a year, and has had a lot of success with brands, as it provides more interesting ad experiences for users.

Starting immediately, Canvas will be available within the Collection ad format, along with three new templates – for other goals instead of just featuring and selling products.

The three templates now available on Canvas ads are: Get New Customers, Sell Products and Showcase Your Businesses. Facebook explains the differences between them, as well as their main uses. Keep reading for the details.

Get New Customers: Bring your stories from websites and landing pages over to Canvas to nurture interest in a friction-free fashion and drive customers to convert. Drop assets in this template, add deep links to your websites and create high-quality campaigns with ease.

Sell Products: Enable discovery and purchase of products and services in a visual and immersive way. Power your template with a catalog if you have one. Use the manual template if you don’t.

Showcase Your Business: Combine the power of engaging videos and photos with ease of drag-and-drop templates. Drive product awareness at scale using your existing creative assets.

Canvas ads keep users engaged for longer period of times, so the latest improvement could help business provide multiple catch points for leads and, ultimately, sales.

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