Why Did Snapchat Invest $100 Million To Buy Bitstrips?

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Snapchat is growing so big that it has started acquiring more and more companies. Bitstrips, the personalised avatar/comic strip company is the latest one to come under the umbrella of Snapchat and it reportedly cost around 100 million.

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You  may remember Bitstrips as the name behind Bitmoji, the personalised avatars platform that took over our social media profiles a couple of years ago. Since then, the hype of Bitmoji may have cooled down significantly, however Snapchat foresaw an opportunity and decided to acquire the service.

In the era of face-swapping and emoji, one may wonder what was the reason behind Snapchat’s move. First of all, a good reason that could explain the acquisition is Bitstrips’ long standing experience with keyboard integration. Once a user downloads the app and creates a personalised avatar, Bitmoji offers the option to function as a third-party keyboard which lets users communicate with their friends using their personalised avatar.

Moreover, with the ability to create bespoke geofilters, Snapchat sees that there’s an opportunity for its app to take the personalisation a step further, by adding avatars on them. Not such a bad idea, huh?

Although no official announcement has been made yet, we will be updating you soon with more information regarding Snapchat plans on integrating Bitmoji on its main platform.

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