Which Are The Food Capitals Of Instagram?

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Location, location, location. Only, in this case, we’re not talking about real estate, but about food hashtags on Instagram. A fun, interactive website reveals which are the most popular dishes on Instagram, gathering data from around the globe.

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While one would suspect that globalisation has brought people and food taste together, it’s not exactly true. Different cities have different gastronomical preferences and have their own culinary trends. Add to the mix, the ever surging #foodporn culture, combined with Instagram data, and there you have it; The Food Capitals of Instagram, a one-of-its kind interactive map of the major food trends on Instagram. From churros and burritos, to sushi and xiaolongbao, this beautiful site will guide you through the most talked-about foods on Instagram.

And behind the fun facade, there’s a whole lot of useful insights that you could use, especially if you’re marketing for food brands or the food industry in general. For instance, did you know that NYC accounts for almost 8% of all bacon posts on Instagram? We bet you didn’t know that. Just click on the image below and get ready for some serious #foodstats.

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