What Are The Best Emoji For Brand Engagement?

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Slowly but surely, brands are starting to adopt emoji in their social media posts. Just like “smileys” before them, they allow marketing messages to go further, as they convey or reinforce a certain tone of voice, when words don’t suffice. Some brands even want to have their own emoji

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Nowadays, we regard emoji as a marketing asset.

For example, in order to boost tourism, Finland released its very own set of emoji themed around all things Finnish. Head-banging, naked saunas and the legendary Nokia 3310. In the end, no less than thirty emoji tally up to show what it feels like being a real Finn.


Whether the Finns are successful in their use of emoji or not, we still want to know which emoji bring the most engagement. So, the guys at social analytics company Simply Measured, rolled up their sleeves and analysed 2,500 Instagram posts from market behemoths such as Coca-Cola, GE, IBM and Microsoft. The following results came up…

top-ig-emojis-brands-chart-01Source: Adweek.com 

As a universal sign for love, the “heart” emoji is unsurprisingly the uncontested #1 with over 120,000 Likes and comments. The “sparkles” and “artist palette” emoji come in second and third place respectively… The heart is also Twitter’s new “Like” as we know.

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But do emoji really drive engagement though? I seriously doubt it. I think that adding them to your posts can enrich your message, but emoji alone will not turn your post into an instant hit. Remember that in order to resonate with your audience, your message has to be relevant and timely. If an engaged audience is what you’re after, emoji can help to add a different “layer” of emotion to your posts and also might make them more visible, but you really need to work on your copy and creative!

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