What Are Facebook Lead Ads And Why You Should Use Them

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You might have noticed a new campaign objective for your Facebook Ads on the Power Editor recently, called Lead Ads. You may have already also wondered, what they are and why should you care. Well, if you haven’t already investigated, this is where you should continue reading.

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People are on their phones a lot. In fact, most people are currently accessing Facebook from their smartphones or other mobile devices. While these devices are great for reading things while commuting, writing a quick email, or communicating with friends and family, they are not that good for people who want to find out more about products and services of the companies they are fans of on Facebook.

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Well, Facebook has a solution for you – an ad product called Lead Ads. They started testing Lead Ads months ago, but it’s only been made available to everyone, either through your Facebook Marketing Partner or Facebook’s Power Editor. In Facebook’s own words, the product “gives people a quick and privacy-safe way to sign up to receive information from businesses, like newsletters, quotes and offers”. So, how does it work?


If a business wants to get people to “sign up for their newsletter, an offer, an event, or get more information about their product” Lead Ads can help simplify the information-gatheing process on mobile devices. It’s quire simple. When someone clicks on a Lead Ad, Facebook automatically inputs the user’s information into the form. Essentially, a user clicks twice – One click on the ad itself, and then one to submit the form. Users can change their information, before submitting the form of course.

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At the moment, advertisers can also add open-ended or multiple choice questions and other standard or customisable fields, and a legal disclaimer. Another cool feature is that Lead Ads are designed to sync with various CRM solutions or integrated marketing platforms. Do you work with Driftrock, Marketo, Maropost, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Sailthru, or Salesforce? Great! You can collect leads in real time. Also, you can integrate your current CRM with the Facebook API or simply download information in a CSV file.

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With Lead Ads, businesses in different industries can connect directly with Facebook users who are interested in their products or services – promote a pre-order of a product, get people to ask for a quote. Soon, Lead Ads will be available in other ad formats like video 0r carousel ads as well… They will also be available for desktop targeting, not just mobile – to collect information across devices.

Have you tried Lead Ads yet? If not, what do you think? What were the results?

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