West Elm Will Let You Describe Your Style With A Pinterest Board

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The West Elm Pinterest Style Finder uses AI to generate recommendations for furniture and other home goods from a Pinterest board of your choice. 

When someone asks you what your style is, do you usually go blank? Lost for words? Literally?  Sure, you can say one or two things, but can you give them the full picture? Well, the guys at West Elm – a furniture and home goods retailer – think that you can tell a lot about someone’s style, simply by looking at their Pinterest boards… Pinterest is a source of inspiration. It’s a place where people get ideas, and a place where they put all those ideas together  in Pinterest boards. So, West Elm created the Pinterest Style Finder.

West Elm’s Pinterest Style Finder is a tool that uses AI to suggest furniture to users based on a Pinterest board they have added as “inspiration.” The tool uses the same software as Pinterest’s Lens to generate search results that have the same colours, patterns, and colours found within a user’s style inspiration – in this case a Pinterest board. However, the Style Finder is not as sophisticated as Lens. It doesn’t look for exact matches. Instead it defines a user’s individual style based on their source of inspiration and gives them suggestions.

Even so, Style Finder uses machine learning, so it will constantly get better at giving more relevant suggestions. To use it is easy: All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of your Pinterest board – it could actually be anyone’s Pinterest board – and select whether to view results from different areas of the house, inside or out. Then, Style Finder suggests three products from each category for that area of the house. Three sofas for example. Or three dining tables.

You can access the West Elm Pinterest Style Finder from the company’s website here.

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