Weave Your Instagram Shot With #F21ThreadScreen

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Bringing social media applications to real life is the buzz these days. We see more and more brands embracing this type of promotion and, to be honest, it shows just how much potential there is in social media and traditional marketing and advertising.

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Clothes brand Forever21 is the latest brand to bring a social media IRL – and, boy has it gone big! More specifically, Forever21 has teamed up with Breakfast NY, a rapid product and prototype company and created a 2,000 pound machine that can dynamically display images and basic animations with 6,400 mechanical spools of thread.

So what does this machine do? Simple! It weaves your Instagram shot, when it’s accompanied by the #F21ThreadScreen hashtag.  Those images are automatically captured and optimized for the screen’s 80×80 resolution. Then, a series of motors turn the thread spools in such way, so that they reflect the right kind of colour.

The mechanism behind the super machine ia impressive: The thread display is comprised of over 200,000 parts and 6,400 mechanical spools of thread.

See it in action below!

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