Want Emoji On Tweetdeck? Here’s How To Get Them!

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Everyone is going bananas about emoji, and quite understandably so – they’re a cool and simple way to convey emotions where words simply cannot sometimes. While it’s easy to add the emoji keyboard on your smartphone, but using them on desktop is another story. Unless you’re in the know!

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A few days ago, the The Next Web reported that a US company built an actual emoji keyboard, allowing users to use emoji without opening a separate window or tab. Not keen enough to buy it? We still have an easy fix for you.

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It’s a Chrome extension called ‘Better Tweetdeck’ that gives Tweetdeck users the ability to play around with emoji, as well as changing your columns layout a little.  Upon installing it, an emoji icon appears next to the ‘Media’, ‘Schedule’ and ‘Message’ buttons right below the Tweet box:



Pretty awesome if you ask me! However, do note that the extension only works for Tweetdeck’s web version and not the Chrome app. Now, you’re fully geared up to play around with emoji to your heart’s content. However, before you go all out, make sure that whatever you’re about to do actually fits with what your company stands for – you don’t want to do something stupid.

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