Vine Introduces New Features To Improve User-Experience

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We talk a lot about Twitter needing to up it’s game and start pumping out features that will make it stand out and not die out… But what about Vine – the platform that Twitter actually owns? Well, the company seems to be getting the idea, and just the other day introduced a few improvements to its UI. Let’s have a look.

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In a recent blog post titled simply “We’re Listening”, Android Engineer Dhritiman Sagar starts by saying that the new features give you “more control over your Vine experience”.

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First in in line, is the ability to now watch Vines from an account in any order. All you have to do is tap on the icon next to Posts and choose your order. Newest, Oldest, or Popular. Then there is the ability for users to edit their caption on a Vine for a limited time-period after posting. Just tap the three dots menu “..” and edit. This feature is currently only available on Android, but the iOS app will be getting it pretty soon.

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

Finally, users can now use 3D Touch with the iOS version of the Vine app – if of course they have the right phone to allow them to do so. As you are well aware, 3D Touch is only a feature on iPhone 6 and up. As Dhritiman explains,

Press and hold our app icon to make a Vine or open Explore right from your device’s screen.

Recently Vine users got a really cool feature where the platform actually curates a feed of content for you, and a little before that, a feature to “swipe left” on Vine as well. These recent ones are actually some of the most-requested features that users have been asking for. And there is more to come! So stay posted!

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