Universes Collide In Campaign For The Batman V Superman Movie

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Each comic book hero has his own universe – city, nemeses, assistants, etc. Sometimes these universes overlap and heroes meet IRL. So, every now and then, a movie like Batman V Superman is made. In it, universes collide and the lines between them and their protagonists are blurred… It’s only fitting therefore, that the marketing campaign for the film deftly does the same – blending reality with comic book fiction.

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Did you catch the latest Lex Luthor interview for WIRED? Written by Ron Troupe (see what they did there?), and produced by WIRED’s Brand Lab it reads like… like an interview you’d imagine Lex Luthor giving

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Ron Troupe begins by introducing the interview,

The impending launch of his company’s revolutionary new operating system Lex/OS (I got my hands on the beta and, yeah, it’s awesome) seemed like the perfect moment to sit down with the dynamic and, at times, controversial, young genius behind the LexCorp magic to see what else he’s got up his sleeve.

We, unlike Ron Troupe weren’t able to get our hands on the Beta, but we did see the promotional video for the OS on LexCorp’s YouTube Channel.

The article is full of facts and trivia that only real fans would be able to spot, a nod to other wealthy superheroes and the corporate entities they represent, a diss or two (towards Batman no less, and not Superman), and is made complete with the promotion of a new operating system being launched by Lex’s company, LexCorp.

WIRED even tweets about the article, mentioning Lex himself…

See, Lex has his own Twitter account, with over 22k followers!

The article follows a previous similar one for Fortune Magazine from October 2015, sponsored by LexCorp. WIRED’s article on the other hand is attributed to Warner Bros.

This campaign is not the first of its kind exactly. Fictional characters have been given their own social media presence in the past, and of course d. I do think it’s really smart though. Also, I can only imagine that it is just a small part of the marketing that Warner has lined up for the launch of the film in just over 3 months. Let’s just wait and see… I am actually quite excited to see what they are going to come up with next.

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